NEW OEM Black PDC Parking Sensors for 2012-2021 Tesla Model X/S 1099611-00-D

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Ensure precise parking with our Black PDC Parking Sensors for the 2012-2021 Tesla Model X and S, part number 1099611-00-D. Perfect for maintaining your Tesla's advanced safety features.
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The Black PDC (Park Distance Control) Parking Sensors, part number 1099611-00-D, are designed to enhance the parking assistance capabilities of your Tesla Model X or S from 2012 to 2021. These sensors are an integral part of Tesla’s Autopilot system, aiding in the detection of obstacles and ensuring safe maneuvering in tight spaces. Crafted to Tesla's high-quality standards, these parking sensors provide reliable performance with a discreet appearance that blends seamlessly with the vehicle's exterior. They emit ultrasonic waves that bounce off nearby objects, with the reflected signals then used to calculate distances and provide real-time feedback to the driver. Whether you're navigating busy parking lots or squeezing into a tight garage, these PDC sensors help prevent fender benders and scratches, keeping your Tesla in pristine condition. They are particularly useful for preserving the aesthetic and resale value of your vehicle by helping to avoid costly damages. Upgrading or replacing your parking sensors with these OEM parts will not only restore your vehicle's parking assistance system to its full functionality but also maintain the sleek look of your Tesla with their matching black color.

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