NEW OEM Tesla Model Y/3 Front Left Door Lock Actuator 1500674-00-B

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Ensure secure and smooth access to your Tesla Model Y or 3 with our Front Left Door Lock Actuator, part number 1500674-00-B. Engineered for reliability and a perfect fit.
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The Front Left Door Lock Actuator for the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, part number 1500674-00-B, is an integral part of your vehicle's door locking system. This actuator is responsible for mechanically locking and unlocking the front left door, providing both security and convenience to the driver and passengers. Designed to meet the specifications of Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles, this OEM part ensures a precise fit and optimal functionality. The actuator responds to signals from the vehicle's electronic control unit to activate the lock mechanism, ensuring a quick and secure operation every time. Replacing your Tesla's door lock actuator with this high-quality component will maintain the vehicle's safety standards and contribute to the overall seamless operation of your car. It's a critical replacement part for any issues related to door locking mechanisms, such as unresponsive locks or unusual noises during operation. The Front Left Door Lock Actuator is more than just a functional device; it's a testament to Tesla's dedication to innovation, safety, and driver satisfaction. Installation is straightforward, ensuring your Tesla's security system works just as smoothly as the day you first drove it.

Weight: 2.0 lb

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