NEW Tesla Model 3 OEM Passenger/Right Headlight

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The OEM Passenger/Right Headlight for the Tesla Model 3, part number 1077372-00-L, is a premium lighting component designed to enhance your driving experience. This headlight integrates seamlessly with the Tesla Model 3's sophisticated design, providing both aesthetic appeal and superior functionality. Engineered with cutting-edge lighting technology, this headlight offers exceptional illumination, significantly improving visibility during night drives and in adverse weather conditions. The headlight's design ensures a wide and consistent beam pattern, reducing glare and ensuring safe driving conditions for you and other road users. Constructed to meet the highest quality standards, this OEM headlight guarantees durability and resistance to environmental factors like moisture and dust. Its precise fit for the Tesla Model 3 ensures easy installation and a perfect alignment with the vehicle's body, maintaining the sleek and aerodynamic profile of the car. Whether you're replacing a damaged headlight or upgrading for improved performance, the Tesla Model 3 Passenger/Right Headlight is an excellent choice, ensuring safety, reliability, and an enhanced driving experience.

Weight: 6.61 lb

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