NEW OEM Tesla Model 3 Front End Module Radar Sensor Bracket 1103760-00-C

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Ensure precise positioning of your Tesla Model 3's radar sensor with our Radar Sensor Bracket, part number 1103760-00-C. This bracket is essential for accurate sensor function and vehicle safety.
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The Radar Sensor Bracket, part number 1103760-00-C, is a crucial component for the Tesla Model 3's advanced driver-assistance systems. This bracket is specifically designed to mount the radar sensor, which plays a vital role in various safety features such as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, and autopilot functionality. Constructed from durable materials, this radar sensor bracket is engineered to provide a stable and secure mount for the radar sensor, ensuring it remains accurately positioned for optimal functionality. The precise alignment of the radar sensor is critical for the correct operation of the vehicle's safety and navigation systems, making this bracket an essential part of your Tesla Model 3's electronic system. Whether you are replacing a damaged bracket, undertaking a repair, or upgrading your vehicle's radar system, this Radar Sensor Bracket is a must-have. Its design is tailored for a perfect fit in the Tesla Model 3, ensuring easy installation and seamless integration with the vehicle's advanced technology systems. Installing this radar sensor bracket will maintain the high performance and reliability of your Tesla Model 3's safety features, contributing to a safer and more confident driving experience.

Weight: 2.2 lb

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