NEW OEM Tesla Model 3/Y Restraint Control Module 1512876-00-A

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The Restraint Control Module, part number 1512876-00-A, is a vital component in the safety system of the Tesla Model 3/Y. This module plays a crucial role in managing the deployment of airbags and the tensioning of seat belts in the event of a collision, ensuring the utmost safety for the vehicle's occupants. Engineered to Tesla's precise standards, this control module integrates seamlessly with the vehicle's existing safety systems. It continuously monitors various sensors throughout the vehicle to accurately assess the severity of an impact and determine the appropriate response in terms of airbag deployment and seat belt tension. The installation of the Restraint Control Module is a critical procedure that contributes significantly to the overall safety and integrity of the vehicle. Whether you're replacing a damaged module or updating your Tesla Model 3 and Y's safety systems, this part is indispensable for maintaining the high safety standards that Tesla vehicles are known for. This module is specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3/Y, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance. It is an essential investment in your safety and the safety of your passengers.

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