Tesla Model 3/Y TPMS Sensor NEW OEM 1490701-00-D

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Maintain optimal tire health with our TPMS Sensor for Tesla Model 3 and Y, part number 1490701-00-B. Ensure safety and performance with real-time pressure monitoring.
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The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor, part number 1490701-00-B, is a vital component designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. This sensor provides real-time tire pressure data to your vehicle's onboard computer, ensuring that you are always informed about the health and safety of your tires. Consistent monitoring of tire pressure is crucial for vehicle safety, tire longevity, and fuel efficiency. The TPMS Sensor helps to prevent tire-related accidents by alerting you to significant changes in tire pressure, which could indicate a puncture or improper inflation. Compatible with both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, this TPMS Sensor is engineered to communicate effectively with your vehicle's monitoring systems, offering accuracy and reliability. The sensor's robust design guarantees performance in all conditions, from daily commuting to long-distance travel. Installing this OEM part is straightforward, and it seamlessly integrates with your Tesla's sophisticated electronics, maintaining the high standards of safety and innovation that Tesla drivers expect.

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