NEW OEM Tesla Model S Front Left Half Shaft Dual Motor 1626636-00-A

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Optimize your dual-motor Tesla Model S performance with the Front Left Half Shaft. This component is essential for smooth power transmission and handling.
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The EV Front Left Half Shaft for the Tesla Model S with dual motors is a high-quality component designed to enhance the driving experience of your electric vehicle. This half shaft is an integral part of the drivetrain, transmitting power from the motor to the front left wheel, ensuring efficient and smooth vehicle operation. Specifically engineered for the dual-motor configuration of the Tesla Model S, this half shaft is built for durability and performance. Its robust construction is capable of handling the high torque and power output of Tesla's advanced electric motors, providing reliable and consistent power delivery. Whether you are addressing wear and tear, conducting regular maintenance, or upgrading your vehicle's performance, the Front Left Half Shaft is a crucial component. It ensures that your Tesla Model S continues to deliver the exceptional performance and handling that Tesla vehicles are known for. This part's precise design and manufacturing standards ensure a perfect fit and easy installation, making it an ideal choice for Tesla Model S owners looking to maintain or enhance their vehicle's drivetrain.

Weight: 15.0 lb

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