Tesla Model S Gen 1 Outer Front Right Handle Mechanism Housing 1135725-S0-A

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The Outer Front Right Handle Mechanism Housing, part number 1135725-S0-A, is a specifically designed component for the Tesla Model S Gen 1. This housing is a vital part of the vehicle's door handle mechanism, providing a stable and secure enclosure for the moving parts that operate the front right door handle. Constructed with precision and high-quality materials, this mechanism housing ensures the durability and reliability of the door handle. Its design is tailored to fit the Tesla Model S Gen 1, ensuring seamless integration with the vehicle's elegant and futuristic design. This housing plays a crucial role in the functionality of the door handle, contributing to the overall user experience of entering and exiting the vehicle. A properly functioning handle mechanism housing is essential for convenient and reliable access to the vehicle. Replacing a damaged or worn handle mechanism housing with this part will restore the smooth operation of your Tesla Model S Gen 1's front right door handle. It's an essential component for maintaining the vehicle's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Weight: 2.2 lb

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