NEW OEM Tesla Model Y Front Bumper Absorber 1487605-00-A

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OEM Front Upper Bumper Cover Impact Energy Foam Absorber for the 2020-2023 Tesla Model Y, providing enhanced frontal impact absorption.
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The Front Bumper Absorber, part number 1487605-00-A, is a crucial component for the Tesla Model Y, designed to provide enhanced protection and impact absorption for the vehicle's front end. This absorber is strategically placed in the front bumper assembly, playing a key role in mitigating the effects of frontal collisions and enhancing overall vehicle safety. Manufactured to Tesla's exact specifications, this bumper absorber is engineered from high-quality materials that are capable of withstanding significant impact forces. Its design is tailored specifically for the Tesla Model Y, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance in protecting the vehicle's structural integrity during impacts. In addition to its safety functions, the front bumper absorber also helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of the Tesla Model Y by supporting the bumper's shape and alignment. This is especially important for preserving the vehicle's sleek design and aerodynamic efficiency. Replacing a damaged bumper absorber with this part is essential for maintaining the safety standards of your Tesla Model Y. Whether it's for repair after a collision or as a precautionary measure, this Front Bumper Absorber is an indispensable component for any Tesla Model Y owner.

Weight: 6.6 lb

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