Tesla Model Y Front Fascia Park Assist Sensor S2 Retainer 1493754-00-A

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The Tesla Model Y Front Fascia Park Assist Sensor S2 Retainer, part number 1493754-00-A, is an integral component designed to ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle's park assist system. This retainer is specifically crafted to hold the S2 park assist sensor in the correct position within the front fascia of the Tesla Model Y, providing reliable assistance for safe and efficient parking. Constructed with durable materials, this retainer is built to withstand the demands of everyday driving, including exposure to various weather conditions and road debris. Its robust design keeps the park assist sensor securely in place, which is crucial for delivering accurate readings and avoiding parking mishaps. The installation of this sensor retainer is vital for the park assist system's accuracy, which helps drivers navigate tight parking spots and avoid obstacles. A well-functioning park assist system not only adds convenience to your driving experience but also plays a significant role in enhancing safety. Whether you're performing routine maintenance or replacing a damaged component, the Park Assist Sensor S2 Retainer is a must-have for keeping your Tesla Model Y's parking assistance system in top condition.

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