Tesla Model Y New Rear Tail Light Left Upper Bracket OEM 1506968-00-D

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Enhance the stability and alignment of your Tesla Model Y's rear bumper with our New Rear Bumper Left Upper Bracket, part number 1506968-00-D. Essential for a secure and precise fit.
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The New Rear Bumper Left Upper Bracket, part number 1506968-00-D, is a specifically designed component for the Tesla Model Y, crucial for maintaining the proper positioning and security of the vehicle's rear bumper. This bracket ensures that the left upper part of the rear bumper is correctly aligned and firmly attached to the vehicle’s body. Made from high-quality materials, this bumper bracket is built for durability and resilience, capable of withstanding the stresses of daily use. It plays a vital role in preserving the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your Tesla Model Y's rear bumper, especially in preventing sagging and misalignments. Whether you are replacing a damaged bracket, involved in collision repairs, or ensuring the longevity of your vehicle's exterior, this New Rear Bumper Left Upper Bracket is an essential component. It's designed for a perfect fit, ensuring seamless integration with the Tesla Model Y's design. Installing this bracket is a critical step in maintaining the safety and appearance of your vehicle. Its precise engineering and compatibility with the Tesla Model Y make it a reliable choice for both professional repair shops and Tesla enthusiasts.

Weight: 2.2 lb

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