2017 BMW F30 Hybrid Battery Cable – 7619781-02
2017 BMW F30 Hybrid Battery Cable – 7619781-02

2017 BMW F30 Hybrid Battery Cable - 7619781-02

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The Hybrid Battery Cable, part number 7619781-02, is an essential component for the 2017 BMW F30 Hybrid, playing a crucial role in the vehicle's electrical system. This cable is specifically designed to manage the high-voltage connections between the hybrid battery and the vehicle's powertrain system. Crafted to meet BMW's stringent quality standards, this battery cable ensures reliable and efficient transmission of electrical power. It is built with high-quality materials that provide durability and resistance to wear, heat, and electrical interference, which are critical factors in the high-voltage environment of hybrid vehicles. The proper functioning of this cable is vital for the overall performance and efficiency of the hybrid system. It ensures that the battery's power is effectively delivered to the motor, contributing to the vehicle's fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and smooth operation. Replacing a worn or damaged hybrid battery cable with this OEM part will restore your BMW F30 Hybrid's electrical system to its optimal state. Whether for routine maintenance or repair, this Hybrid Battery Cable is key to maintaining your vehicle's performance and safety.

Weight: 6.61 lb

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