NEW OEM Tesla Model 3 Fused TST & Config Connectivity Card Cassette 1521914-S2-C

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Elevate your Tesla Model 3's network capabilities with our Fused TST & Config Connectivity Card Cassette, part number 1521914-S2-C. It's essential for maintaining optimal connectivity and performance.
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The Tesla Model 3 Fused TST & Config Connectivity Card Cassette, part number 1521914-S2-C, is a specialized electronic component that plays a pivotal role in your vehicle's connectivity infrastructure. This card cassette is engineered to manage the vehicle's telecommunications system testing (TST) and configuration settings, ensuring your Model 3 remains at the forefront of connected car technology. With its advanced circuitry, this connectivity card cassette facilitates the seamless integration of various network functions within the vehicle, including mobile connectivity, data transmission, and onboard diagnostics. It is a key element in the Tesla Model 3's ability to receive software updates, connect to charging networks, and provide real-time telemetry data. Designed to be fused for added safety and reliability, this part ensures that your Tesla's sophisticated electronic systems are protected against potential surges or anomalies. It's a testament to Tesla's commitment to innovation, safety, and the enhancement of the driver experience through technology. Replacing or upgrading your vehicle's connectivity card cassette with this genuine Tesla part guarantees the maintenance of high-quality network service and the longevity of your Model 3's communication systems. 

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