NEW Tesla Model Y/3/X/S Low Pressure Sensor OEM

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The Low Pressure Sensor, part number P1510048-00-C, is designed for Tesla models Y, 3, X, and S. This sensor plays a pivotal role in monitoring and regulating low-pressure conditions within your Tesla’s critical systems, such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), pneumatic systems, and even the vehicle's air suspension where applicable. This sensor ensures that your Tesla operates within safe and efficient pressure ranges, alerting the vehicle’s computer to any discrepancies that could affect performance. Accurate low-pressure readings are essential for the smooth operation of these systems and for preempting maintenance issues that could lead to more significant concerns if left unchecked. Manufactured to Tesla’s exacting quality standards, this Low Pressure Sensor integrates seamlessly with the vehicle's advanced electronics, maintaining the high performance and safety standards expected from Tesla vehicles. Whether you're looking to replace a faulty sensor or conducting a system upgrade, this component is key to maintaining the vehicle’s innovative functionalities. Installation of this sensor is designed to be straightforward, allowing for a quick and efficient replacement process. With this part, you can rest assured that your Tesla will continue to deliver the comfort, safety, and performance that make it stand out in the electric vehicle market.

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